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Subject: Mmm University applicant
I will be applying to Canada from the UAE next year and here are the externals I´m going to have

IGCSEs in Mathematics (A*), English (A), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology(A*), Economics(A), Computer studies (B)

my SAT 1 score will probably be over 2000

I´m also taking AP tests in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Either Computer studies or Economics

I´m probably going to get a 5-4-5-5-4 Respectively.

I want to study either Biochemistry or Medicine in the best possible universities in Ontario.

My questions:
what are the best universities to go to if I want to major in these fields, and what are my chances of getting in?

my high school average is 85%, I´m well involved in sports and I have a clean record

Chances (in reply to: Mmm University applicant)
you have a very good chances. Just let it be known that some Canada universities do not look at AP courses at higher par..really unfair for those who do Ap but makes it fair to those who do not have access to AP classes. McGill , Uof Toronto or Mcmaster are the best, oh yeah Queens also did good on Macleans ranking(the most trusted in canada)

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