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Subject: York CE vs. Ryerson CE
Just wondering whether York´s Computer engineering program is better or worse that Ryerson´s. York´s has a higher cutoff, low 80s, while Ryerson´s cut off is 70. According to CUDO York´s entering average to the engineering program was 85, Ryerson´s was ~78.

Therefore, York may be more difficult than Ryerson. Also York was only accredited in 2007.

So which do you believe is better? Take the easy road or the more difficult one? Which one would make a better impression on an employer?

York's CE grads are far better than Ryerson's (in reply to: York CE vs. Ryerson CE)
My experience is that even the best Ryerson CE grads are unprepared for serious engineering design work. They generally lack the applied science and mathematics background. My experience is from working with both in a research setting. One Ryerson graduate was the top of his class and was an award winner. Though he was industrious, his poor education resulted in his making a number of serious and stupid errors that set back the project. York engineering grads, on the other hand, seem to have a relentless drive to solve problems intelligently. They are also fantastic team players, and the ones I worked with really drove our project to success. Anyway, that´s my experience.
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And, I should add that I know a number of faculty members of both York and Ryerson´s EE or CSE departments. The Ryerson guys have an endless litany of complaints about their students, whereas the York ones have quite many stories of student excellence.

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