Should I stay at Ryerson or switch to VIU? URGENT!

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Subject: Should I stay at Ryerson or switch to VIU? URGENT!
hey guys, so I´m a second year student at Ryerson University and I love it here. However I am in a program that I totally hate(public admin and governance) and due to me hating it, I´ve been performing poorly (2.2 GPA). I finally came to a realization that I should do what I love (Psychology), so I applied for transfer at ryerson but due to my poor academic grades they said they wouldn´t accept me, and I pretty much got rejected from most schools on teh east coast. Now, Vancouver Island University (a new university in Nanaimo, BC) accepted me, and I don´t know whether I should go or not. So I´ll list the reasons of why I should go and why I shouldn´t and please let me know what you think. Thanks :

1) I get to do what I want (that being psychology)
2) I get to ´refresh my GPA´
3) My dream is to go to grad school so starting fresh WILL give me the chance of actually doing an undergrad rsearch project that will increase my chances of getting into grad school.
4) If I choose to stay here in Public Admin and governance I won´t be able to do my masters in psychology, or will I?

1) I´ll leave my life behind in Toronto (the friends I´ve made thus far, and just 2 years short of graduating)
2) I´ll be 20 in Vancouver and hanging out with a bunch of 18 year olds
3) My parents may no longer support me so I´ll have to pay for school myself.
4) Ryerson is a good school, VIU isn´t really.
5) I COULD if I work my ass off this year, transfer to psych for my last year ( a lot of courses are in common) HOWEVER, if I do I may not be allowed to do my thesis which as the university advertises it, would kill my chances of going to grad school. But if they do allow me to do my theses in the 1 year I´m in the program, that would be great.

Please advise me

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you should post that question at
you will get the answers u want

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