Waterloo Computer Science or McMaster Engineering?

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Subject: Waterloo Computer Science or McMaster Engineering?
I applied for Software Engineering @ Waterloo but got an alternate offer in Computer Science, which offers specialization in Software Engineering. I also got accepted into McMaster for Engineering, which I plan on specializing in Software Engineering. However, I cannot decide between the two programs or schools.

Waterloo is known for their co-op, which is why I´m leaning towards CS @ Waterloo. I think I would receive a better education and job experience. However, McMaster Engineering gives the prestigious engineering degree, which may lead to better job opportunities in the future.

Anyone care to share their thoughts? I am struggling to decide.

UofW (in reply to: Waterloo Computer Science or McMaster Engineering?)
The opportunities after graduation at Waterloo are the best. It is known institution for others to pick the cheries for their firms. IBM, Google, ... are coming to University of Waterloo every semester and they just offer all these good jobs to students. There are hundreds of other smaller/bigger companies that do the same.

S. Gupta

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