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Subject: Getting into Ottawa U or Carleton?
Hi I just applied to both the University of Ottawa and Carleton about 1 week ago. My question is... about how long until I´ll get a notification as to whether or not I´ve been accepted? Also.. how difficult is it to get into these schools? At Uottawa I applied to the Arts Administration program and at Carleton I applied for a BA majoring in Law and minoring in Psychology. Anyone have experiences with these schools? I´m actually an international student from the United States. Does anyone know the percent of people who get accepted out of those who apply for these 2 schools?

Thanks in advance for any help lol

Getting into OttawaU or Carleton (in reply to: Getting into Ottawa U or Carleton?)
It depends on your average. If your average is above 75% you have a good, solid chance at OttawaU. Carleton is a little bit more tricky, because it is a school renowed for it´s academics. I know that some programs at Carleton are EXTREMELY competitive (Journalism, Social Work, Humanities...) But if you´re going for a Bachelor of Arts, then you also have a good chance if your average is at 80% or higher. Remember that Carleton students´ averages put together was at 81% last year...
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I agree with Tinka.
Martin Swan

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