My grade 11 marks

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Subject: My grade 11 marks
I am currently grade 12 student, i am thinking of going to university but i have few question. I need to stay 1 more semester after this because of the credits i missed some credits in grade 9 and 10 and never took summer school, so i have stay extra semester. Would University accept me that i took extra semester? Also my grade 11 marks are not very good , i had 68% average in grade 11. Do they count grade 11 marks? My last question is i took 2 grade 12 courses already and i am taking another 2 this semester.

I took - Advanced Functions | %84
- World Politic | %86

I am taking - Human Rights
- Calculus

and another 2 or 3 next semester and i am done. I am thinking to apply; York Uni , Business or Law program also UofT psychology program. Are my marks and courses i am taking is enough for this programs?


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