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Subject: The strategy of the game on the system D'alembert
The strategy of the game on the system D´alembert came in sports betting from the casino. It is popular with a small part of the players, but in General the system deserves attention.

The essence of the strategy is that the size of the bet will change depending on whether the previous bet has lost or won. If you win, the bet amount decreases, and if you lose, it increases. The size of the rate change is set by you initially, and then you just follow this simple system.

An example of the game
The size of the bet change depends on what odds you will play. If the coefficients are low, the rate changes significantly, if high, the changes are small.

The initial bet should be your minimum, below which you can not fall, even if you constantly win.

Let us examine the option of betting on the ratio of 2.50 or higher. First you need to set a minimum bet. Let it be $ 10. Each step of the bet change will be $ 5.

Bet number bet Size bet Outcome win Amount
1 10 Loss -
2 15 Loss -
3 20 Win 50
4 15 Win 37.5
5 10 Loss -
6 15 Loss -
7 20 Win 50
The total amount of your bets was $ 105, and the win is $ 137.5. 3 winning bets out of 7 you have enough to win 32.5$.

Victory strategy always goes hand in hand with defeat

It is easy to win back the lost money. The amount of the bet does not increase very much, so even with a series of defeats the Bank will be enough for many steps. In case of a successful bet, you will return all the lost money.
Win insurance. Let´s say you bet $ 10 and win $ 20, and the next bet on this strategy will be equal to $ 5. Even if you lose, you will still be in the black for $ 5. Lowering the rate after each win and the fact that with each win the odds to win the next rate decrease. In theory this is not the case, but in practice after a series of 5 winning bets you have little chance to extend it for a few more wins.
Probability doesn´t always work. The football team has very little chance to play 5 consecutive times on TM2.5, but there are much more protracted series.
High rate. At the first steps of the system you will be satisfied with everything, but with each new defeat you will doubt more and more the expediency of a large bet on such a high coefficient. In addition, nervous conditions from a long series of defeats, not a positive impact on the ability to analyze the sport.
Was also developed and the game system counter-D´alembert, which is the antipode of the strategy D´alembert. As you might have guessed, here the bet decreases when you lose, and increases when you win. This strategy is best used when playing favorites and odds less than 2.00.

These systems can give a positive result in theory, when you have an unlimited Bank, and bookmakers do not limit the amount of bets. In practice, such layouts are impossible, so rely on the fact that your series of defeats should stretch no more than 10-12 steps. In General, such a scale gives hope for the success of this strategy, but with a long distance of the game the risks will still be high.

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The advantages of an accumulator
High coefficient.
Few of the players will risk to bet a large sum on a single with a coefficient of 8.00, but if it is an Express of three events (coefficients 2.00, 2.00, 2.00), then there will be much more willing to bet.
Naturally, the player decides how much to bet, but many simply collect Express with a coefficient of 50-200 and bet on it 50-100 dollars. The amount is small, so the loss will not shake the budget, but if the Express "reach", the win will be impressive.
No matter how attractive at first glance, the majority of professional players refuse them. In the extreme case, the Express includes no more than two events, which in combination give a coefficient of 2.00-3.00.
You can bet small amounts on Express bets and hope for a miracle, as most players do, but you do not need to take such earnings seriously.

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Today for many sports betting on the Internet has become one of the main sources of income. You choose a bookmaker´s office and bet on the outcome of the upcoming sporting event. The bookmaker sets its odds, which is calculated based on the opinions of other bidders. If you made a correct prediction, after the match is over, or you get a sum that is several times higher, or you are completely without money.
Alex Feil
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Each player in the bookmaker sooner or later comes to the conclusion that the more information he has, the more accurate (and therefore winning) his sports predictions will be. Unfortunately, many newcomers often fall for the tricks of the scammers ("kapper"), positioning themselves as "professional forecasters" and offering to get (for some money) this very information from them.
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In theory, cooperating with professional forecasters, the player should receive a steady stream of profits, giving only a part of it for an accurate forecast. But in fact, it turns out a completely different picture. The result of the work of privateers is true no more than the forecast of any other avid player. They do little to improve their professional skills, devoting a lot of time and effort to advertising their activities.
Alex Feil
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The d´Alembert game system is quite simple and anyone who is familiar with roulette can easily use it. This game belongs to the so-called progressive systems. Any type of progression consists of increasing or decreasing the value of a bet by some amount. The strategy of the game on the progression of the d´Alembert is to increase or decrease the rate by only one unit.
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