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Subject: deformation damage
Purchase must see five details Look at the edge, because professional manufacturers are using modern machinery and equipment, using imported plastic high-temperature and high-pressure edge sealing, after the edge of the bedroom door surface should be flat and solid. Look at hardware accessories, high-quality bedroom door is also used high-quality hardware accessories, when used freely, no noise, can stand tens of thousands of times the switch without deformation damage. Looking at the veneer, the veneer consists of two parts. The first is the material, which refers to the type of wood in the room door facing, which determines the background color and texture of the bedroom door. Currently, the bedroom door materials on the market mainly include walnut and cherry wood. Oak, ash, etc.; Second, finish quality, paint quality and finishing process determine the finishing quality of the facade. High-quality paint and advanced spraying and baking techniques can ensure that each bedroom door has smooth paint, uniform color, and clear texture. . Looking at the environmental protection of materials, all raw materials are environmentally-friendly materials to produce environmentally-friendly products. It is advisable to have environmental protection agencies to test the certificates. Looking at services, it is also crucial for manufacturers to have their own service systems. When signing a contract, consumers should indicate in the contract that the delivery of the product, inspection and acceptance of the product, and the quality of the solution during the warranty period should be made by the manufacturer.
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