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Subject: in the early days Reasonable return to the political commitment to the last moment. However, the history of real estate regulation and control tells us that every time real estate regulation and control of the moment, are the most likely to control the policy around the swing and the moment. Although the volume of transactions and the chain, the real estate market forces are changing, but the price changes year on year is not large, in September 70 large and medium cities fell year on year prices only one city. [url=]fake ferragamo belt[/url] At this time, any policy of trouble, for the real estate are extremely sensitive. Housing Construction Department late position does not stand, but why choose the real estate control in the early days of the effectiveness of the sensitive period but will cancel the purchase, which is the people most worried about. Once such a statement is interpreted as the purchase will soon be canceled, then, the real estate regulation and control of the most solid line of defense will open an irresistible gap, more than two years hard to obtain the results of real estate regulation will be destroyed once the people The confidence of the real estate control policy will collapse, prices will once again rebounded sharply and out of control. According to Jiang Weixin´s explanation, ready to start in 40 cities in the housing information system pilot, if the information system will be built in the future, plus the banking system, financial system, tax system information, coupled with public security information system, if the Unified to a platform, you do not have to take this way to buy this rich administrative color. We do not know what the information system is specific, but the system no matter how well built, regardless of whether the national network, but if the establishment of the system is not to collect property tax and profits tax, even if the establishment of this information system, Curb investment speculation. Moreover, in the current circumstances, to the country´s real estate levy property taxes and profits tax, many conditions do not have, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] not just the information system is imperfect.
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