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Subject: will lead to will lead to extremely serious problems. Media reports, in the Eleventh National People´s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-third meeting of the group meeting, the NPC Standing Committee member Wu Xiaoling that long-term real estate purchase policy and market allocation of resources contrary to the principle, should be more use of tax means adjust. In this regard, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Minister Jiang Weixin responded that the property market purchase policy is the administrative approach is a last resort to take the approach. Jiang Weixin also said that in the town after the establishment of individual housing information system, [url=]replica ferragamo belt[/url] will no longer take the purchase of this administrative color strong way. It should be said that since the introduction of real estate purchase policy, the question of the purchase has not stopped. I admit that the current purchase policy is not no defect control measures, including the household registration as the standard, the household registration and non-household registration of the purchase conditions of different discriminatory provisions, Beijing and other places on the non-household population purchase conditions too Harsh and so on. However, it should be recognized that the policy of purchase does play a curb investment speculation, so that housing gradually return to the basic needs of living, to reverse the real estate investment surplus of unhealthy psychological expectations, to curb the rapid rise in house prices. Purchase is the current lack of levy profits tax and property tax basic conditions of the case, [url=]fake ferragamo belt[/url] you can take effective measures. Because the implementation of the purchase, the current line of most cities in the housing prices began to cease, the tight chain of funds to allow developers to adjust the strategy to take discounts and other preferential measures, real estate control can be described as initial success, so all the signs seem to prove:
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