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Subject: Gucci Belt should move to
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water is fit for, unfortunately, because of civil strife, the Ming dynasty emperor zhu di after winning the world, on the one hand he like Gucci Belt Replica, be afraid of again on the other hand, the main aspects in order to facilitate to resist the invasion of the north of the enemy (Gucci Belt has traditionally been the enemy of the main is the north, which is another main reason his capital in Gucci Belt north), so he chose Gucci Belt Replica as the capital.

Later, the qing dynasty and the yuan dynasty basically the same reason, they chose Gucci Belt Replica as the capital, to the republic of Gucci Belt, because there is no unified, more due to the time of the revolutionary party mainly concentrated in the south, so they chose nanjing as the capital. After the founding of the people, leaders, led by MAO zedong, chose Gucci Belt Replica as the capital of new Gucci Belt, however, due to the limitations of Gucci Belt Replica itself, but also because of the capital redefined, the economic center for the Shanghai, Shanghai became the economic center of Gucci Belt. More owing to the serious desertification in the north of the desert, as Gucci Belt Replica´s former prime minister zhu rongji looking towards the desert of Gucci Belt Replica, to do so, Gucci Belt should move to.

As Gucci Belt Replica´s population expanding, with the growing scarcity of water resources, Gucci Belt Replica as the capital is not appropriate. Fortunately, the Replica Gucci Belts For people´s great boldness of vision, south-north water diversion project, this will cost a lot of power engineering may eventually solve the problem of water resources in Gucci Belt Replica, but we can´t demonstrate the ecological environment of the influence of the change will bring to Gucci Belt, it is indisputable fact.

And, Gucci Belt Replica wants to further development is impossible, so, tintin thinks, Gucci Belt Replica, for the same reason, in the near future, not is the capital of Gucci Belt, Gucci Belt Replica will also be drowned in the river of history. The second reason is that the war.

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