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Because my family is poor, tao zi rich dad, here is our famous entrepreneurs. I know I can´t match tao zi, who blame my dad had no money! Buy Gucci Belt I didn´t blame tao zi, I know to learn at school is not eligible to pursue my conditions, learn at school is so beautiful, tao zi also natural and unrestrained, the mainest is tao child his dad rich, can learn at school to bring a happy life. After graduation, I went into the organ of a unit, tao zi under the support of the old daddy did companies, business is booming, [url=http://www.karolionline.com/]www.karolionline.com[/url] learn at school not to work, at home watching tao zi, they got married a year later, I also became a tao zi´s best man, although psychological sour, Buy Gucci Belt I´m still bless to [url=http://www.karolionline.com/]karolionline.com[/url] them. Buy Gucci Belt our relationship has been very good, later, I am married.
Can learn at school today suddenly visit, and what difficulties, I hurried them into the house, please call his wife to cook. Learn at school after sit down, immediately ask me: tintin, did you see the tao zi? I have three days didn´t see him, and the mobile phone has been couldn´t get through, the earthquake last night, I really worried about him.
You don´t speak, I really have a few days did not see the tao zi, this boy often driving his BMW to walk in here. Tintin, don´t you lie to me, I really worry about him, a few days before I found a woman in the outside, he had a quarrel with him, Buy Gucci Belt he went out of cutting, and mobile phone has been turned off. The earthquake last night, my child and I frighten hide under the bed, the child was terrified croaking, shaking, I´m scared I try very hard to of tao zi´s call, Buy Gucci Belt has been turned off. No, this guy is so wicked, I saw him to beat him. [url=http://www.karolionline.com/]http://www.karolionline.com/[/url] I listened to very angry. Busy to call tao zi and downtime. You have never been to the company?
He should be in the company. I´m a little confused. I have been to, Buy Gucci Belt his staff told me tao zi didn´t in the company, then find a father-in-law, father-in-law said also looking for him, because I didn´t dare to tell her father-in-law tao zi was having an affair, we quarreled, I am afraid that my father-in-law blame him, let him lose face, then finally one staff told me quietly, said tao zi is out, and his secretary. How said he should also and you say, he should know the earthquake last night, the national all know, he, as a person also should return a call, ask whether the family peace, also let the family not to worry about him ah, this boy, really bastard. I´m a little bit teeth. Tintin, I know that he won´t go home, this is I write him a letter, you give it to him after seeing him. Learn at school I saw tears of dance. With the letter, learn at school have handed me up. Learn at school here is a letter to his husband. Dear husband tao zi: hello!

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