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discipline review is not a simple case, can´t concentrate on one thing only. After eighteen big, the central discipline inspection commission called the case change discipline review, chamber as the case of discipline inspection office, the case clues specification for reflecting the problem of leading cadres. All this is not only the change of the title, Buy Gucci Belt also deepen the connotation of embodies the function of a major shift, is for the return of the party constitution regulation. Party review review is discipline, not judicial prosecution, one is´, one is in accordance with the law, they cannot be confused. Heard some disciplinary review report, the report also or traditional syllogism, confusion in the judicial organs of the indictment, [url=http://www.karolionline.com/]www.karolionline.com[/url] illegal problems, mainly reflected the disciplinary problems as a footnote.
Discipline not only want to do big case, shoot tigers, must use the early party constitution to measure the party member cadre behavior, the language discipline used to describe misconduct, clues disposal, investigation, trial report should reflect the discipline at the request of the front. Make false, false record of formal schooling, age false marriage, tamper with the file, not truthfully report the personal related matters, this is not a small mistake, Buy Gucci Belt cheat organization, is not loyal to the party; Bought and sold officer is not a simple bribery, Buy Gucci Belt a serious violation of the political discipline and discipline;
Turn to military alliance, unseen money stolen goods, it is against the organization. Anti-corruption work is highly sensitive and must not be retroactively and reversed transmission and management, to about one thing, it was already a fait accompli, even end up again. Anti-corruption is a double-edged sword, been playing violations of party members and cadres, the pain is to organize, at the expense of the party´s image.
For each discipline punishment of illegal cadres, to himself far from the damage to the party. So on, especially against corruption is a double-edged sword, ponder. Indeed, the small tiger, flies are aborted, on the one hand, shows the central zero tolerance for corruption firmly attitude and determination,
Buy Gucci Belt on the other hand also painful, how these tigers, flies, in addition to their subjective factors, there are no other factors, including system. Such as some corrupt officials latency time for several years, [url=http://www.karolionline.com/]http://www.karolionline.com/[/url] more than ten years, even more than 20 years and more, it will have to rethink our system problems. Some of these corrupt officials who raised. If corruption is just stay on the case, of course, will not solve the fundamental problem. The basic problem is corruption will be removed soil and environment. At this time, the real discipline stand at the front, small grasp early, is particularly important. Any corruption there will always be a precursor, is always the problem with small, this should be a discipline review to solve major problems. Cannot tolerate small problem.

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