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Subject: but then no below
The gucci belt news on August 11, Harbin city, to promote investigation, public income, individual assets, such as cars, housing. This is the past five years, the capital city of third pilot public officials property. According to the reporter, in 2009, xinjiang altay region lead pilot officials property is close to 40 public area. Reporter visits found that 30 in the pilot areas, as many as 13 a flash in the pan. There are four pilot public officials have announced the launch of a property, [url=][/url] but then no below. Query previously reported, the reporter did not return visit in nearly 10 pilot, there have been three public is terminated after once or twice. In conclusion, public officials property pilot in five years, a flash in the pan of the pilot areas accounted for 50%. According to the reporter´s investigation, the pilot is terminated, there are mainly four reasons: one is people government, lead terminated after adjustment. 2 it is met with resistance, is the result of public pressure and resistance of individual officials. 3 it is difficult to verify, [url=][/url] impossible to verify whether the public information is true. [url=][/url]
Four is superior to stop, the superior asked the central until no new orders, don´t again to carry on the property of the public. In recent years, the central officials has been working hard to promote the property of the public, imposed on the relevant provisions of the property declaration. Since last year, the central inspection group will officials property declaration as important patrol content, the department also spot check the checklist. , in particular, the third plenary session of the eighteenth push new lift system of leading cadres of related matters public pilot, constantly pry the sunshine laws system of the ice. However, from a previous pilot areas exceeds half of a flash in the pan, or fail to see, the future of public officials property system pilot, should learn some experiences and lessons, to really play a proper role, enables the system to the construction of a clean politics to make due contributions.
One is to pay attention to the top design, the full implementation. Is the top-level design requirements from top to bottom, fully implemented to universal coverage, regardless of all levels, or places, as well as the various industries, the implementation of unified as far as possible. Otherwise it may encounter all kinds of resistance and go out of form, not produce good results. Renmin university of replica gucci belt to build a clean government, director of the center for Zhou Shuzhen thinks, new lift cadre public property should be the top, select higher level units of area and the pilot, and then unified standards, the national a chess game, eventually transition to public officials property. Second, pay attention to the public, and the detail.

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