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Subject: Easily Put DVD collection on RAID 5 for viewing th
Easily Put DVD collection on RAID 5 for viewing through WAN

Trying to find an easy way to store DVD films on RAID 5 network drive? This

article will show you how to copy DVD on RAID 5 for storage and viewing

through WAN.

"I am currently saving all my videos as MP4´s which are large files, about 6

to 10 GB for DVD´s. It all works fine internally streaming locally on my LAN.

I would like to get them down to around 2 GB so I could stream them through

the Internet (WAN) to various other devices or other TV´s I may have remotely.

I store all my videos locally on a NAS server that I currently have 10 TB (5

2TB disk) with RAID 5."

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After several days of searching and asking questions on various forums, most

guys give me some tips and tricks for converting DVD to Any devices supported

video files such as MP4. To achieve this goal, an easy-to-use DVD Converter is

the key. Here Pavtube ByteCopy (Read Review) is such a wise choice for you to

solve the problem. It is the No.1 fast BD/DVD conversion software in the

market which can save your entire Blu-ray and DVD library as back-ups to RAID

5 network drive in AVI format.

After that, you can play the files directly on Apple devices, Android Tablets

and Smartphones or media players for family members or get them for private

comfortable viewing on PC, Mac, iPad, iPad Mini, and Blackberry Playbook.

Besides, I can recommended you Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac as the Mac version.

Now, you can get the 50% off discount from Pavtube Easter Gifts 2015. The

following how-to guide on Windows PC can be taken for reference:

Step-by-step: Copy DVD to RAID 5 network drive for playing through WAN

Step 1: Load DVD movies

Run the Blu-ray/DVD Copying Tool and click "BD/DVD disc" icon to load Blu-ray

or DVD movies for converting. You can also import movies files from BD/DVD

folder, ISO image files.

Step 2: Select RAID 5 network drive compatible formats

Click the Format bar to select output profile for your RAID 5 network drive,

say "AVI HD Video(*.avi)" from "HD Video".

Step 3: Convert DVD movies to RAID 5

After all necessary settings, you can just click the "Convert" button to start

converting your DVD movies. After the conversion, click Open to get the output

files for your RAID 5 network drive. Now you can connect your RAID 5 network

drive and copy the converted DVD files via USB cable. Okay, just enjoy

wonderful DVD films on mobile devices to RAID 5 for playing through WAN.

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