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Subject: FCP Not support .Blu-ray- Convert Blu-ray to edit
Description: Having difficulty in importing Blu-ray in Final Cut Pro? This detailed guide will show you the reason and how to convert Blu-ray files to ProRes 422 HQ/LT for FCP smooth editing.

Commercial Blu-rays bring extraordinary video quality to us for family watching and sharing for the large amount of content that can be stored. It´s a great fun if you have a pretty large Blu-ray collection, or movie collection. However, what if you want to have the digital copies of these movies saved on your hard drive or personal server? Not everyone would like to take a stack of the blu-ray discs with himself. Also some of us may like to not only get the digital copies of blu-rays, but also edit Blu-rays in nonlinear editing programs such as FCP.

Due to video codec issue, Blu-ray file is not supported by FCP. In order to edit Blu-ray files in FCP, you need a professional Blu-ray to FCP converter to transcode Blu-ray to Apple Prores MOV for FCP. Choosing an ideal one to do ripping is important. Or you many have issues below:

"I recently purchased a software to allow me to import my blu ray discs into Final Cut Pro. However, the software is having trouble with a number of discs. Star Wars Clone Wars series 1 and 2. The software only recognises the bonus content, and is not able to recognise the main disc content. However, series 3, 4 and 5 work fine with the software. I then tried series 1 and 2 discs with MakeMKV and that particular software recognised the full content, therefore it´s not a problem with my hardware. Are there known issues with some discs and the blu ray ripper? Thanks"

Here Pavtube BDMagic for Maccan meet your need completely. Various native codecs like ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec and DNxHD etc are provided, and the optimized preset is also available for Final Cut Pro. So you can convert Blu-ray to the optimized formats for FCP with one click. Now let me show you how to convert Blu-ray files for editing in FCP. First of all, make sure that you have downloaded and installed it.

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1. Import Blu-ray files.

Click "Add video" icon to browse your computer and import the Blu-ray files, or click nearby "Add from folder" button to import the whole folder. And directly drag and drop the Blu-ray files to the software is all right as well. Multiple tasks can be imported for conversion together.

Note: If you want to combine several videos into one output file, "Merge into one file" on the interface will help you to get it done.

2. Choose video format for FCP.

Click "Format" menu to go through the dropdown list. There is a preset "Final Cut Pro". Hit it to choose "Apple ProRes 422(LT) (*.mov)" for output.

The Apple ProRes 422 (LT) codec provides the following:

Roughly 70 percent of the data rate of Apple ProRes 422 (thus, smaller file sizes than Apple ProRes 422)
Higher quality than Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)

Or you can choose Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes 422(HQ) (*.mov) as best video format for editing in Final Cut Pro as well as good video quality.

The Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) codec offers the utmost possible quality for 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 sources (without an alpha channel) and provides the following:

Target data rate of approximately 220 Mbps (1920 x 1080 at 60i)
Higher quality than Apple ProRes 422

Learn more Apple ProRes, please refer to Types of Apple ProRes Codecs

Note: The video and audio parameters for output can be adjusted. If you want to do it, click "Settings" button to check and change parameters like bitrate, channels, size, etc.

3. (Optional) Edit the video.

Some simple edit can be done to the videos before conversion. You can trim video for your needed length, crop video to get rid of annoying black edges, add text/image/video watermark or add subtitles, etc. If you need it, click "Edit" icon to simply edit the videos.

4. Convert Blu-ray to FCP.

It´s time to convert Blu-ray to Prores LT/HQ MOV for FCP on Mac OS X. Click "Convert" button to get started. Then press "Open" button to get the generated files for FCP.

Lifetime license will provide you lifetime free upgrade and service support. Easy-to-sue workflow and output high quality videos will give you a pleasing experience. Just go to try it.


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