Transcoding H.264 to DNxHD for Avid Media Composer

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Subject: Transcoding H.264 to DNxHD for Avid Media Composer
Summary: Have you ever run into a situation where you can¡¯t edit H.264 files in Avid Media Composer. In this part we¡¯ll look at how Avid MC deals with H.264 video clips, and how you can import them for smooth editing.

Q: Is anyone else having the same problem? Avid always crash when I try to export/import with h264 codec. I´m on MC5. The crash report is always "0x0 etc...", no more explanation.

Just as the quoted words from Avid forum, have you ever encountered any similar issues while importing H.264 to Avid Media Composer? In fact, H.264 is the ubiquitous codec, and it looks like it will stay for quite some time. Avid Media Composer supports H.264 via AMA Link. Well, if you failed on this try, another solution is introduced in this article. Get it now.

According to my tests, some H.264 footage like from GoPro HD(H.264 .mp4), Canon EOS(H.264 .mov), Nikon DSLR(H.264 .mov) can¡¯t be natively recognized by Avid Media Composer program. A suggestion is to use Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac to transcode all H.264 files to DNxHD for Avid editing systems.

Overall, it is one of the best Mac H.264 to DNxHD converter tool for you. The program comes with several optimized format for Avid Media Composer, which enable you to convert H.264 to DNxHD .mov for using in Media Composer directly without any rendering or codec problems. For Windows users, please get Video Converter. Just download it and follow the tutorial below to convert H.264 to Avid Media Composer on Mac OS X(Mavericks included).

Tutorial: Encoding H.264 clips to DNxHD for Avid Media Composer

Step 1. Install and launch H.264 Video Converter on your Mac, and then import H.264 files to the converter.

Tip: Check the ¡°Merge into one¡± box, you can join several H.264 clips together.

Step 2. Click on ¡°Format¡±, and select output format from the drop-down list. Follow ¡°Avid Media Composer¡± > Avid DHxHD (*.mov)¡±.

Step 3. Click ¡°Settings¡± button if you¡¯d like to customize advanced audio and video parameters like Video Codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, Audio codec, sample rate, audio channels.

Step 4. Click convert button to start transcoding H.264 videos to DNxHD .mov on Mac.

With the H.264 to Avid converter, you can easily encode H.264 files to Media Composer for editing. This software runs fast, so you can convert your source H.264 footages to Avid in less time, and video and audio synchronization is perfectly guaranteed.

Source:Transcoding H.264 to DNxHD for Avid Media Composer
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