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Subject: 1-year work experience

I´ve studied engineering in Canada for 4 years and now I am working in Toronto on my post-graduation work permit. I have started work in August, so it has been 3 months so far. My post-graduation work permit will expire July 2006.

I have been told that I can apply for PR now, as my work experience will add up to a year by the time they start processing it. I was thinking of filing it by the end of this year.

Is it necessary to have 1 year of work experience at the time of your application or can I apply now???

If I can´t apply now, what do you suggest I do? Is it easy to extend a post-grad work permit or will I have trouble next year?


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From my point of view it is the best to wait for that one year of work experience. It is not hard at all to extend your work permit (I have done it myself). However, with immigration, you want to be really sure that you have that one year at least, so that you pass according to the minimum point requirement.
Good luck!

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Thank you very much!

Did you extend a HRDC exempt work permit (post-graduation work permit?) I heard that there may be some problems doing that, so I would like to hear from someone who´s done this already.

Did your company ask for an HRDC confirmation before you applied? Also, did you apply for a "temporary work permit extension"?


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if you work in Toronto, only one year post-secondary work permit
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Hi again,

You don´t need an HRDC confirmation to apply for the second year under the post-graduation employment. You have to submit the same forms and documents as you did to apply for the first year. I think there has been a change in the policy that makes the two-year post-graduation employment present in every provinces. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/press/05/0512-e.html
However, you might want to clarify that to be 100% sure.
I applied under http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/applications/extend-worker.html

Don´t worry, you still have some time to figure it out.

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Sorry, but the opportunity to work two years post-graduation is open only to those outside Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.


Check out www.e-ca.ca for a free, two-stage assessment for immigration to Canada under the Skilled Worker Program.

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As ´Crarer Law Office´, but I wanted to add that it does indeed have to be a year before you apply. They won´t take the waiting time into account (from applying to assessment).
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Thanks for all the replies.

I´m still confused about one thing: I know I can´t extend my Post-grad work permit in Toronto. But how do I get a new work permit for after expiry of this post-grad one? Does my company have to apply for HRDC confirmation??

What are my options once my post grad work permit expires?!?!?! Thanks!

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You need a HRSDC confirmed work permit from your current post-graduate work permit which does not requred HRSDC confirmation.

If you want to get a Work permit, you should have a job offer from your current employer or a new one. And then, your employer request HRSDC confirmation for a labour market information. With HRSDC confirmation, you can apply a work permit via CIC.

You need at least one year of work experience to be eligible to apply for Skilled Workers´ category at the time of your application submission. Otherwise, your case of Skilled Workers will be rejected due to no work experience.

I hope this will help you.

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I am a Jamaican national currently living in London and I would like to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Migrant Programme.

I have a BSc degree in Accounting and Management Studies from the University of the West Indies.

I have am an Association of Certified Chartered Accountants Graduate.

I also have a Masters degree in International Accounting from Anglia Ruskin Universtity from Cambridge,England.

My problem however is that I only have 8 mths paid full time experience as an Internal Auditor starting from 2003 and I had two part time jobs as an Account Assistant for a couple months.I do not know if it would be acceptable for me to add the 8mths full time job and the part time jobs to make one full year

Or if I can use my experience as a Customs Officer which was a full job which lasted for a year and a half.

Renewal of Post Graduate Work Permit (in reply to: 1-year work experience)
Hello, does anyone know what are the requirements to renew a current work permit. I completed a 4 year degree program, and due to my passport expiry date I was given 1 year and was told to ge it extended and once I get my passport renew which I did I can apply for the remainder of the work permit. I received a lnk confirming that I need a job offer from my current employer.
Any suggestion or comment