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  I have two inquiries regarding immigration to Canada: I intended to immigrate to Manitoba under the skilled worker class.Can I choose this Destination,as an elligible skilled worker,without being elligible as a provincial Nominee?
Secondly, would a spouse who has no formal education or illiterate cause a principal applicant to disqualify?
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General skilled worker class and PNP are as far as I know entirely separate. Therefore if you wish to emigrate under the general skilled worker class regardless of which province you want to live in, as long as you meet the points and other requirements you´ll be fine. If you don´t want to go via the provincial nominee program then don´t...

Secondly... I don´t know, but don´t you have to add your wife on your application? I thought you did and that the spouse also had to meet 67 points. But in any case, if they are illiterate, aren´t they going to find it awfully hard to find a job?...

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The Provincial Nominee Program could help you to come to Canada faster than applying as a skilled worker under the CIC program. If you apply as a skilled worker, as usual, and make the 67 points, you are free to settle wherever you want in Canada. If you join a PNP program, you are limited to the chosen province.

The dependants, that?s spouse and children, don?t have to meet the 67 points or language requirements. There are free English classes for immigrants in most towns and cities at least for the lower levels. I don?t know whether your spouse could use this classes if she is illiterate. It would be a good idea to improve your spouse?s skills during the long wait, before you come to Canada, so that she could use her chances there. In an interview, maybe you?ll have to convince the officer that you can adapt well in Canada in the future. There it could be an advantage if you show that your spouse has taken part in some evening classes or anything like that to deal with this problem.

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