~~Received call from CHC-New Delhi~~

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Subject: ~~Received call from CHC-New Delhi~~

I send e-mail to CHC-New Delhi two days back inquiring about receiving of passport by them (not for the status update). My wife send her passport on Oct 3rd. I am unable to track the speedpost package as their website is having some technical difficulty.

Today my wife in India received call from them.

Officer told her, they received passport on Oct 5th and she should be getting her passport back in 3 weeks.

yooohooo......I am so happy today :)

Good Luck to everybody.


THTS WHT THEY SAID (in reply to: ~~Received call from CHC-New Delhi~~)
Bleady fools another freakin....3 weeks man shit sucks...my status changed this monday...it says Decision made and then same thing inside..tat someone will contact me ASAP..but?when/.....I already gave my PP on23rd August?
wht are these bleady fools doing?

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Listen....calm down man

well when you say ur status get updated this monday, do you think that CIC have magic stick and ur passport will reach to you in a day. be patient man! one day sure you will get ur passport back. Its just matter of time.
by the way what category did you apply for? its all depend on that too. First priority are given to spousal and dependent child vaisa. So if u r in spousal case visa then you will get it fast, else its gonna take time, but for sure you will get it one day.

Good luck

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They just ´say´ that spousal cases get priority, this is not really true. I am sponsoring my wife, we are in different countries, they know we are separated and still, after 6 weeks I still dont even have sponsor approval from mississauga and I have an excellent job in canada, perfect application, totally complete. They dont care, simple as that.
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No john, its not true. I read your previous post. since you live outside of Canada, the process is different, even they said it on application guide, it will take little longer to complete.

Mine is a case where I live in Canada, so it was quick. Also I have read lots of time line similar to my case, it was quick.


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You said you sent an email to CHC New Delhi regarding your wife´s application... Can you please post that email address here or email me that at rupedhillon@gmail.com
My husband´s application has taken almost 2 years now and its really irritating...
I appreciate the effort

Ok Mr Tnim (in reply to: ~~Received call from CHC-New Delhi~~)
Why dont they have the Magic Stick.......?DId u ask them in the email?
If not confirm....ok once ur done confirming about magick stick.....then let everyone know.......
Everyone here is thinking that they have magic stick....now ur saying they dont....
thats not good

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