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Subject: Quebec vs. Federal
  Any one has experience with quebec immigration process? If yes, Please post your experience.

In Addition I have some questions. I will appreciate if someone or more people can answer them. Please do if you can.

1) Work Experience: I have about 1+ year of full time work experience in my field of education. Question is should I list other parttime jobs like student assistant(at campus recreation, at library, at police dept. etc.)? If yes, no work contracts as they were student jobs and work reference not possible, so options?

2) Police Certificates: Do I need to send with the application or later on? (Federal Process)

3) Bank statements: Should I send with the initial application or later on ? (Federal Process)

4) My father applied for skilled worker immigration (1997) and he was rejected (few points short). Now, I was included in the application as depenedent. Now, when filling out application forms for either of the process there is question that If you have ever applied for any kind of visa to canada and was it denied? What should be my answer to this question?

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Yes - took bloody ages to get CSQ.

Can´t answer your first question but surely if you read all the documentation thoroughly it will tell you if you need to send the police certificates and bank statements? It depends where you´re from but I know it´s on the CIC website somewhere.

3) Sounds like you should just mention what you wrote in your application. They might have your name in the system and if you put no, it might not look good. Since it wasn´t your fault you were denied and you weren´t the principle applicant, I doubt you´d have any problems...

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How long did it took to get CSQ? Timeline if possible. And did you have any ties(education, work, friends/family) to Quebec? And your level of french?

I am Indian national living in US for about 6 years on student b4 and now H1b.

A way to contact you for more information?


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i applied through quebec immigration n well mine didnt takes that long i applied in sept 2004 and in december 2004 i was asked for a convinent date which was in march 2005 n then got my csq so it took me approx 6 mnths n i applied through montreal office not the newyork one as i have heard that montreal one is faster than newyork one. applied to federal govt in may 2005 sent in all docs at the time of the application that includes fbi fingerprints, my home country police certificates, state finger prints, all financial docs. got my med and aor in july 2005 did my meds in aug 2005. recently learned that my meds have reached buffalo they r waiting for the background checks to go through, which i will hopefully get soon so waitin for the ppr now
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Are you already living in Quebec? If you are living in US, I think you must apply to New York. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.


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well i am living in US with my application i sent in a request that my interview be held in montreal n then when they asked for i date i said i was free in march so my intreview was held in montreal n i know it can be done b/c i got my csq but do check b4 maybe they changed now not too sure
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hey anna,

My e-mail address is If you dont mind Please send me a blank e-mail referencing this. I want to ask you in detail about the process and see my chances to qualify. Thanks.


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Tables > Timeline
Name v Email Sent Preliminary Application Receive CSQ Application Pack Sent CSQ Application Interview or Waiver Receive CSQ! Sent Federal Visa Application Receive Medical Request Passport Request Actions
AMERICO BAANANTE n/a n/a June 2004 (to Mexico) Edit Delete
Andy Jan 03, 2005 Jun 21, 2005 Vienna Jun 21, 2005 Jun 28, 2005 Warsaw Edit Delete
Arvind NA NA July 14, 2005 Edit Delete
Celia Palacios NA NA October 9, 2004SIQ Mexico Edit Delete
Dima Aug/2001 Sep/2001 Sep/2001 Oct/2001 Oct/2001 Jan/2002 May/2002 pending Edit Delete
Evelynne May 2003 (SIQ Hong Kong) July 2003 August 2003 interview 10 March 2004 18 May 2004 28 August 2004 18 September 2004 29 March 2005 Edit Delete
Frederick Dec. 1 2003---AOR letter Waitlist for Interview Edit Delete
Gokul Rajamannar Feb. 2003 March 03 2003 March 25 2003 ---AOR April 10 Sep. 17 2003 Asked to do a second interview. Second inteview: Feb. 23 2004 Feb. 23 2004 March 20. 2004 April 08 2004 Aug 21 2004 Edit Delete
Irina December 20,2002 January 2003 February 2003 w March 30,2003 May 2003 Late June - medicals sent July 24 October 7, 2003 Edit Delete
Juan I. Onetto 25/10/2004 Edit Delete
Karen 20 June 2003 10 July 2003 31 July 2003 19 Nov 2003 19 Nov 2003 15 Dec 2003 23 Jan 2004 - medicals sent 1 Mar 2004 8 May 2004 Edit Delete
Kay Jan. 22, 2003 (Brussels) Feb. 2003 Sept. 26, 2003 no interview Dec. 3, 2003 Edit Delete
Max somewhere sept 2003 sept 2003 (two weeks after) november 1st, 2003 March 17 2004 Edit Delete
Mike October 27´ 03 Dec 04 ´03 May 04 ; AOR:May 04;Interview Req´d Notice: June04 Mid-May Edit Delete
Mini August 28, 2003 September 15, 2003 November 18, 2003 May 6, 2004 May 6, 2004 May 26, 2004 August 26, 2004 (done january 4, 2005, delayed because of pregnancy) March 1, 2005 Edit Delete
NM Dec 2003 Dec 2003 Jan 27, 2004 -> AOR Feb 12, 2004 -> Changed primary applicant Apr 6, 2004 Edit Delete
Nenea August 2004 August 2004 October 2004 (SIQ New York) June 2005 June 2005 June 2005 August 2005 Edit Delete
Nick April 2003 - Added spouse to application in June 2003 Dec 2003 Dec 2003 Jan 2004 Feb 2004 .. Sent medicals Feb 2004 April 1 2004 Edit Delete
Oliver 10 Sep 2003 Interview 29 Jan 2004 29 Jan 2004 26 Feb 2004 19 Aug 2004 Edit Delete
Pravin Evaluated via web Forms on the web Nov 19, 2003---AOR - Waiting Edit Delete

Timing Quebec vs Federal Program for Investor Visa (in reply to: Quebec vs. Federal)
I´ve been receiving conflicting information concerning the length of time the Quebec process takes verses the Federal Program. Some sources suggest that Quebec is 18-24 months while the Federal Program is running at up to 4 years. Others suggest that though the pre-qualification potion of Quebec goes faster that ultimately both programs take the same amount of time.

Any feedback on this issue? This is for the Investor Class 400,000 Visa.

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i applied for CSQ for quebec abt 2 year before and havnt got it since now me n spouse got seperated i want to remove her name from the application could anyone tell me how i can do that
CSQ FOR QUEBEC INVESTOR CLASS (in reply to: Quebec vs. Federal)
Dear Sir,
I am living in Kuwait and am Indian National. I have applied for Quebec Investor Class, please advise how long does it take to get CSQ in my case. I have got the file number a month back.