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Subject: entering usa from canada
do i need a passport to fly to the US from vancouver or is a canadian citizenship and driver lisence suffecient?

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u do need a passport.....
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a passport or unless you are a status native, then you just need your Native Status Card, or letter from chief of tribe stating you are at least 50% native.

visa (in reply to: entering usa from canada)
do i neen visa for entering to usa from ontario, canada, when i am resident permanent.
what papars i need to get mi visa if i need

josue cameros
Enterering US by land with UK passport (in reply to: entering usa from canada)
I am a Canadian Citizen, living in Toronto, my Canadian passport has expired earlier this year, I do have a valid UK passport, can I enter the US for the day at Niagra Falls
Elizabeth Dagg
passport (in reply to: entering usa from canada)
My friend, who is a French-Canadian, would like to accompany me to the USA next week. His passport has expired. Can he enter with a drivers license and his social insurance card? Please let me know as soon as you can. Many thanks, Max T.
Maximus Tonelli
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depends on how old the passport is. I successfully crossed the other day with a Canadian passport that is 1 year past due and my drivers license. not sure if the officer was in a good mood, doing something that is regularly allowed, or he did not want me to miss the Macy one day sale!
Entering U.S.A. (in reply to: entering usa from canada)
I am a Canadian citizen born and raised. I used to enjoy commuting back and forth from Canada to the United States of America and spending my hard earned money. Now, travelling to the U.S.A. is nothing but a headache. You have to have this and that and, by the time you figure it all out and spend hours waiting in line, the appeal has gone. It´s a shame that our society has moved in this direction and I believe the terrorists have won.
Prince Fluffy

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