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I want to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program of Sasklatchewan. My skill is in the list of highly in demand in Saskatchewan. However one of the requirements is to have full-time employment offer. How can I possibly get a full time employmentt offer when I´m out of Canada. Has anyone in this forum undertook this route in migrating to Canada ? Can you give us tips on how to go about getting a full time employement offer ?

Thank you in advance.



Use any job seeker engine on line , I found my job from abroad once and after working in Canada under a work permit , I came back to my home country and I applied for PR.
I already found a job again in Alberta and I got the job applying from outside of Canada.
It takes time , but if you look for it ,,, you will find it.


Thank you so much for your reply. Can you please refer to me the websites. Please email me at

May you be blessed a million fold for your goodness !

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My husband applied for a PNP a 8 months ago as a engineer, we are in Regina now. What we did is go through an agency they did all the paperwork and job hunting. This cost us a lot of momey and if you can do without this service it will save you over $10,000. Which job do you do?
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Dear Roger,

My husband is an engineer and we went through the Provincial Nominee Programm, it took 4 months for us to get work permits to get to Saskachewan. If you are a machinist or an engineer I can give you a name of a company who might me interested in you.

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Dear Maggie,

May I know the company´s may reply to my email at

Thank you very much

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I hope you got my email okay, if not please let me know.



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I got your email, thank you a millionfold! I replied to through your personal email and asked if you are already in in Sask . Reading your post right now gave me my answer.

God Bless always !

Hi friends .. can u please help me for one thing .. I am going through a lot of problems here

I am working with a big IT company .. and I am trying to convince them to sign PNP forms for me.

They are looking into it .. as I am an international graduate did .. 2 years diploma from canada. According to the IT compnay its considered sponsorhip .. but i confirmed from immig .. they said its not sponsorship and I forwarded tht email to my employer ..

They are looking into it and researching about it. They are paranoid to sign it as they did say no to previous international student who was on post graduate work permit.

Can you please tell me how can I convince them .. its just the matter of signing out those two forms ? ALSO can u tell me if they would also required to sign Labour market opinion ?? yes / no

If you can provide me your email address I will really appreciate tht. Its a big thing for me as PNP takes a year and .. federal immigration takes 3 years and cant wait that long because of my family. So I would be so thankfull to you if you can suggest me about convincing them or giving me ur precious advice at this time.

Also can you tell me all teh procedure tht u went through .. how did u got ur PNP??


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I am a resident of Calgary,Alberta, please give me details on how to help my two sons to come others friends to immigrate. I am willing to move to Saskachewan to be able to sponsor them.
alna flores
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Hello. i just heard about the provincial nominee program and am getting ready to apply for it. I have my application and other documents ready, all I need is a full-time permanent job, but I am not sure where to look for them. Can anyone help me get a job in Canada, anywhere in Canada so that I can get a Provincial Nominee Certificate? I have 13 years of work experience with two international organizations --- Hellen Keller International and Save the Children USA. I am now a self-motivated social worker and currently working as a volunteering with several international organizations. I have obtained 16 years of schooling and an additional diploma on Computer Science (1.5 years). I have a Master´s Degree. Please help me find a job. Your help will be highly appreciated.