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  Hi All,

I am in the final stage of applying from Delhi for skilled worker.

I got the following score in IELTS 8.5/7.5/7/9 avg - 8 - How much points will I get.

I am an Engineer with Part time MBA will this add to points?? My spouse is full time MBA.

I have 11 years experience in managerial capacitiy.

My Uncle has been staying in canada for past 20 years as a citizen ; he has given me letter of undertaking duly notarised in canada; what other documents excl Citizenship/Health card/SIN card are required from him??

My real concern is --- IS there any minimum Income stipulation for him as he is not that well off??

If I apply now when at the earliest can I expect something???

Many thanks in advance.

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For English proficiency you will get the max 16 points.

Visit the following link and take the Self-Assessment test to determine how many points you will get.

There is no minimum income requirement for your uncle. To get the points for adaptability you will have to prove that you are realted to your uncle. Provide birth certificate of your uncle and your parent - they must have the same parents. Also provide copy of your Uncle´s Canadian passport and proof that he is living in Canada eg rent receipts, phone bills etc.

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