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Subject: Points! confusing
Hi Friends,
Wanna know some thing about my degrees which I have done from United States.

I have 1 university degree. Which is a correspondence degree (Distant Study).
I attended lectures on monthly basis and most of the study was via internet

I have 4 years Diploma as a full time student 30 hours a week..
my Both, Diploma and Degree are done at the same times means same years.
My university degree is irrelevant to my field.
but my Diploma is relevant to my field in which I´m from past 5 years.
it would be really appreciated if any knowledgeable person answer me.
will I Score 22 points even though my University degree was a distant education and in the same ?
Have a good to all of you my Friends

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yes you will get the 22 points , you got a university degree and a deploma and how many years of study ?? i think you will dont worry about that ..
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