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Subject: medical received
  Today my online status changed to "medical received".I read a few posting on this website where some persons haven´t yet reveived PPR even if their online status is showing "medical received" for more than 1 month. So, I am not much hopeful. However, Does medical received means that everything is done and for some reasons(which may be quota)the final PPR request is delayed. Or do people get "medical received" even if their file is incomplete and a few steps like background check is incomplete. Any insight would be highly appreciated.

Time line
Applied : aug 04
IA: May 05
Medical/doc : may 05


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I believe that people do see "Medical received" on their e-client even if their file is incomplete. I´m assuming that the background check or security decision is still pending.

One question though. When you received your AOR, did it by any chance mention a 36 week backlog? Just curious since I applied in Nov 04 and it mentioned the backlog. Your help will be appreciated.


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it mentiones 52 weeks
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www: the delay between when CIC actually receives your medicals and when they post "medicals received" on e-CAS seems to indicate the posting means more than simply "medicals received." What else it means, I do not know, but at least you are one step closer to your goal. Congratulations! Maybe now is a good time to order CAIPS notes to get some more information about your file.
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