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Subject: Oct. PPR
Any one got ppr recently?
My online status has been changed to "medicals have been received"
for almost a month now. But I still have not heard anything from them yet. Should I worry?

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helloman: Have you ordered CAIPS?

It is surprising man, why do you want to worry?? Background check must be in progress.

no worrires (in reply to: Oct. PPR)
Helloman. Don´t worry. If you read recent postings, there are a bunch of us in the same position. That may not make you feel better, but at least you are not alone. Be sure to post if you hear anything.
thanks guys (in reply to: Oct. PPR)
Thanks a lot for your information.
It is weird as a lot people were saying that they got ppr just a few days after the status change.
Do you guys think CAIPS will slow down my application?


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