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Subject: Damascus 2001 applicants
  Nice to meet u guys in this forum , it´s my first existance.
I wish u all the best of Luck so as to myself.
I´m also a 2001 applicant in damascus office; but really no reply from the embassy to all my enquiries.
if u have any information about August 2001 applicants please do not hesitate to share, may be this helps us all.
thank you.

see u soon

Damascus applicant (2001) (in reply to: Damascus 2001 applicants)
Hey everyone. Are there anyone from Cyprus? I applied im April 2001 bus class in London but in 2004 the file was transferred to Damascus. Passed the interview 19/07/05, where we were given medicals and told that they accept our application under the former law. Medical was sent to Paris 23/07/05/ What to do now? Just wait, but it is so hard, every min thinking only about this. Send a letter-request to Damascus? Would they answer? Anyone from yr 2001 who have the same situation could you share your timeline? PLS.
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nice to meet you lego123
i´m from lebanon applied in Aug. 2001, the last time i visited the canadian embassy in damascus was in sept. 2004 they told me that my name is on the interview schedule, and i´m still waiting for them to call me for the interview.
no call , still waiting, and i do not know what to do? to wait more or to contact them again !!!!!!!

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I believe you should contact them, make case status enquiry letter and send it by any possible means - fax, e-mail and registerred post. You are lucky cause sometimes they call you via telephone, even mobile. Which category are you?
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i´m under the skilled worker category.
I sent them an e-mail and i wish a quick responce.
why don´t u try it.
may be they will respond to your enquiry.

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Hi, I sent a letter concerning my mailing address, I used to have a lawyer in Ottawa, but cancelled the contract because practically he did nothing for us at all, even when the file was transferred from London he just lied that it was recently reviewed by the officer and so on...
So, in that letter, after the long phrase about my contact address, I ask them if there is any progress with my file, and why they do not change the e-client status, it still appears as your interview is scheduled for... It was a week ago and I hope there is a chance to get their answer. I am under business category. You know, the lady-officer did not tell us about the background check at the interview, she actually told us that she will make some small Internet!!!-research if there is any suspicious information about us particularly and the business we have been doing. That was strange - the internet research I mean. The bad thing is that here in Cyprus not many people apply for immigration to Canada, only phillipines-maids as caregivers, so we do not have others to talk to about the issue, but the good thing - the security check might be easy and fast, since we live here (we are originally Russians) for 10 yrs.
By the way the only source of helpfull and practical imformation about Damascus office are our Lebanese friends who are Canadians already and live here.

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Hi lego 123
they did respond to my e-mail, saying that they are interviewing applicants of the year 2000, and they expect to interview 2001 applicants in 2006.
i think lawyers do not help that much and they do not know you more than you know yourself. they only receive letters on your behalf, nothing else. why don´t we receive these letters directly ???

see you.

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