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Subject: US to Canada - problems with work status - URGENT
  I have applied for immigration to canada as a software consultant, while on H1 but got laid off sometime back and changed my status to H4. Now the immigration consultant who applied on my behalf says that CIC has asked my fingerprints and I need to re-fill all documents again and attache dmy income tax statements.

1. Does anyone know why I need to re-fill documents
2. Is W2 or tax statement necessary
3. If I am working in someone´s grocery store now and don´t want to show it, what do I do!
4. Is CIC bothered only about the fact that I should be eligible to work in canada and have no criminal record or are they going to scrutinize the IRS statement. If they do and notice that the employer I listed in initial paers is not the current employer and its a grocery store paying me wages!

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Hi desi101,

1. Haven´t heard of anyone filling up the form again. Do you have your file # already? If you don´t have it yet, then maybe your consultant might have lost your first application or something...that´s the only reason I could think of now.
2. In my case, I did not submit my W2. I just included work letter and then added some pay stubs during the interview. This is just to verify that the experience you´re claiming was a paid job.
3. It is your decision to make. I am on the same boat...H1 with no IT job. I declared my odd job but luckily it was not even discussed during the interview
4. In my case, I only included work letters in my application form. I just submitted some pay stubs when I was called in for interview. Why don´t you discuss this with your consultant.


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