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Subject: Rita
Oh my god! Watch news at home, 40 elderly nursing home residents on bus were killed in the bus that supposes to take them into safety. Whole bus burns into pieces, not even whole bodies can be found.

Check out the traffic jam on highway, bumper to bumper, hurricane is moving way faster than traffic. Can they leave anytime early?

New Orleans levees were destroyed again.

Hopefully goddamn Rita will not be as bad as Katrina, let??s pray for our those innocent citizens, hope they have at least a shelter.

departure bay
(in reply to: Rita)
hey DB,

It is so nice of you to keep people informed about what is happening.

The way you are behaving in the last two days regarding Rita, it seems like you can´t for things to happen. Are you the only guy having TV and trying to announce everybody to watch TV? Behave like a 25 year old, don´t act like an immatured.

In my view, whatever you talk here, seems like highly reckless comments. Lot of questions asked by the people here, you answer immediately with a contradictory statement, so stop this nonsense.

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I just saw the news, it is 24 people dead, so stop doing this nonsense of exaggerating and waiting for bad things to happen...stupid.
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Ok, both of your grammar just made my head hurt.

I guess the only fortunate thing is if it´s going to hit anywhere, it can´t do much more damage to New Orleans.

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yep, stupid db, the reason why he exaggerate number is because he hates American, wanna more yankees to be killed!
(in reply to: Rita)
That´s crazy! what happen in the earth? Tsunami, Hurricane, terrorism .....
what´s kind of wired lately!

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FWChelle, What is your problem man, go for some English courses, look at your English..
(in reply to: Rita)
My English is fine, thanks. And I´m not a man.
(in reply to: Rita)
hey boys and girls... none of this is worth raising your blood pressure over. Don´t read DB´s posts if they bother you so much, and maybe DB can help a little by refraining from posting the CNN news- just a little.

(in reply to: Rita)
Sharon: What is unacceptable is, 24 people are dead, but he is telling 40 people. Also if somebody is asking a question, this guy jumps into the conversation and gives contradictory answers. Example is, "whether immigration officer knows whether CAIPS was ordered by the applicant". This guy is so stupid spoiling a good place.
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