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  Union bricklaying jobs are super-sweet. You start at somewhere around $14/hour and by the end of your third year, you are usually making close to $21/hour. Being a mechanic at a busy garage can make you some good money too. Any non-union trade job is practically guaranteed to suck moneywise, unless you are a sole proprietor or independent contractor. Aircraft maintenance workers for the big airlines get a starting wage of about $17/hour but you may find yourself laid off only months after getting hired. (you still can get EI, 55% of your wage, still 8.5/hour, min wage is 8)

I am talking about what I knew in local, your town might pay even more, since most of immigrants live in big town, only crazy DB stucks in habour city.

any comments?

departure bay
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don´t pull people´s leg, any information from your month is useless. I don´t believe what you talked about
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he is a bull-shit guy, I have been browsing through the topics that he has talked nonsense, there is no end for that.
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believe or not, I don´t care
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learn to spell anonymous. MOUTH does not have an "N" and consists of a "U" in it´s place.

grow up

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DB is stupid,mad,culture less,nonsense fellow in this forum.Pleaseee ignore this F*****.
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