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Subject: A Testimony of Faith re: Detroit Interview
  A Testimony of Faith?..

My family came here in the US via my H1B visa. I worked as a Systems Analyst for more than 2 years in the US. I lost my job last May 2003. I got another H1B Sponsor on Sept 2003 but have been unable to land an IT job (until now). We decided to apply for Canadian Immigration in Feb 2004. By June 2004, one year after I lost my job, I was forced to accept a different job (delivery driver) to get my family going. I have been blessed to receive financial support from family members too. October 2004, we got our IA telling us that an interview is required. March 2005 our file was transferred to Detroit. July 2005 we got the interview letter, interview set for Sept 22. July 2005 also we got our CAIPS, there we found out that the reason for the interview was about my unemployment. We really got worried. We knew it could cause our visa denial not to mention the fact that I am an over-staying H1B visa holder---not having an IT job means we should have headed home a long time ago. We didn?t know what to do. We were determined to keep from CIC the fact that I am doing a non-IT job. We planned to make-up an IT company, planned to make-up a pay stub etc. We were really decided on this. During the planning, we were overwhelmed by guilt. How could we even thought about it. My wife and I prayed?really prayed. We decided to be honest and declare my present job (delivery driver) and accept the outcome whatever it may be. We surrendered the results to God knowing that in His immeasurable power and grace, He can give us the visa if that is His Divine will. An important part of prayer is believing that your petition will be granted unto you. So we went to the interview prepared to accept the visa. =). The interview started out scary...the officer was a little bit authoritative. But she went on and broke the ice and cracked a joke. From then on, the interview went really smoothly. We focused on the my past IT experiences (15 years). By God?s amazing grace, my present job as a delivery driver was not even asked and discussed. My H1 status was not even raised. Now, we are just waiting for the medical results and we are good to go. All glory and praise to God. Keep believing and hold on to your faith. God has immeasurable favors for all of us?we just need to be willing to conceive and believe in our hearts that God is able and willing to grant us those favors. Goodluck to all of you.

Summary of timeline:

Applied - Jan 2004
AOR - Feb 2004
IA - October 2004 (interview required)
File transferred to Detroit - March 2005
Interview Letter - July 2005
Medicals Done - Aug 10, 2005 (reached Ottawa Aug 31, 2005)
Interview - Sept 22, 2005

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I remembered your interview was scheduled for September and when you weren?t posting these days, so I was worried what might have happened.
So I was very glad to read that you?ve passed.
Hopefully, you can soon move to Canada and find an appropriate job there!

All the best


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Praise God, Joe! Im glad that you sharing your faith with the rest of the world. God sees that and knows when He is appreciated by you, so He is blessing you.
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You are almost in Canada!

Congratulations eh!

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thanks and goodluck to you all =)
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