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Subject: Tax: Reentering Canada
  Me and my family plan to land in Canada next March 2006. We also plan to stay there just for a few weeks after which I continue on with my present job in my country to build on our savings.

We plan to reneter Canada to stay ther for good on 2007. My question is, will the money I am bringing in with me this time on my rentry to Canada taxable?

Thanks for your answera.


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You only pay taxes if you have an income in Canada.

If you are transferring a hugh amount to Canada then check with the bank about any incomes if you earn interests.

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Thanks for your answer.

Actually my plan is to just transfer the money thru banking facilities. So I am thinking of opening up a bank account once we land in Canada next year. However I read somewhere on the forum that having a bank account will make me establish residential ties with Canada and that will make me liable to pay income taxes.

Can anybody tell me shed me light on this subject? Thanks.

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