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hi, for the number of years for formal education, i went to university for 3 years but dropped put, if i inlucde my university years it would be 15, if not 12, are the 3 years i attended there still to be accounted as formal ed, although i did not complete the programme?

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Unfortunately you only get credit if you complete a program. So it is better you finish that last year to get full points.
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no, i am being sponsred by my wife, but i dont know of u should include these years in formal ed category in form.
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Years of formal education is not a decision factor in spousal applications. The point system is not used; CIC determines if the relationship is genuine, based on the evidence that you submit and then assess your background check and medical history.

No language skills points, education or any other points calculations.

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Then just mention an 4th Year Incomplete in your application. i.e. do mention that you were at college for 3 years. The officer will decide himself/herself. Worst case you will not get point (which you will not when you donot mention). So it is good to mention - maybe you get some points for it (on adaptability).
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Hi Starwars, just an FYI, spousal applications are not assessed on a point system. Eh will have to include information on what he has done since he was 18 years old and that will include information on the period that he was in school.

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So put those add those years as formal then?
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yes, u have to.


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