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Subject: Can I come back later?
  I came to Canada four years ago as a refugee claimant from Hungary. I got refused a year later and i did not reapply. I stayed in the country and continued working, i did not wanted to go home. About two years ago i met a girl, and we got married in may 2005. I have just found out that i had to report at the immigration in june, i assume it was for leaving the country. I assume i am deported now.
The twist is that my wife is from the Carribbean, and we have decided to move there. She is a Canadian citizen, and i will get my citizenship for her native country. My question is that if i am deported now, but i am married to a canadian, and if we want to come back just for visit or even permanently, is it possibe or we gonna have problems?

Thank you

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Immigration may have a deportation/exclusion order issued for you as you are in the country without authorization.

If an exclusion order is issued for you and you leave the country, before you return you will need to comply with the requirements set out in the order. The first issue will be that you can´t return to Canada for 1-3 years typically. Once that time period has passed you will have to repay the deportation cost, currently; CA$1,500 if you are deported to a country outside the US, the deportation cost to the US is CA$750. You will also have to apply for an order to return to Canada currently the cost is CA$450, this is done after you has satisfied the requirement of the deportation order. You will then need to apply for a visitor´s visa to return to Canada, currently CA$150 for multiple entry application. The immigration officer can deny your visitor´s visa application if they believe that you will not leave Canada, and you have history to not leaving that will play negatively on any future application.

If at all possible, I would suggest that you and your wife submit a spousal application for PR status within Canada. It will take sometime to come through, but in the meantime you wife can start to establish in the Caribbean. She might find out that it?s not where she wants to be, trust me I spent four months and had enough, I still love the Caribbean, but once you have lived in Canada you get spoiled and there that thing about hurricanes every year.

Overall submitting a sponsorship will cost you less and save you many headaches. It will cost less then going through the deportation procedure and you will at least be able to return to Canada without any problem. Also, in the past I recall that in calculating the number of days needed for citizenship you will can us a portion of the days up to a certain limit to account for part of the 1000+ days needs before you can apply for citizenship.

Although you might not need it currently, you might want to think about a pension when you can no longer work and the cost of health care in the Caribbean, life in the Caribbean is very expensive and getting more expensive by the day.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you onelove

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