need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Hello everyone

we are getting ready to send application, we are sending it in a week and a half. We have supporting documents such as letters, emails, and pictures of my husband and myself. we also have a letter from a rabbi, stating that i came to the rabbi discussing about my husband converting into judiasm when he comes to canada. should i get more proof. should i get a letter from anyone else.

any suggestions most helpful
thanks for any advise

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nothing is clear from your question, what application, what proofs. under what category are u applying.cmon.make it straight.
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soory about confusion, i am applying under spousal category. and we are sending application for pr, i am canadien and he is mexican
thankxs for your advise
sorry again

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Hi Nira.

Please, please, please consider getting your application professionally reviewed prior to its submission. It doesn´t matter who does it (as long as they are reputable), just so long as you get the professional help you probably need. The reason I am saying this is because your style of writing leaves the reader somewhat confused; something you never want to do when dealing with Canadian visa officers... :)

Best of luck.

Dennis Caul

Dennis Caul
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Who is principal applicant ? if u r
Canadien ?

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