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Subject: change career seasonal
  Seasonal Job ended, surprise me, I am not PR yet, but my EI was approved. submit my copy of work permit,that´s it. begin my casual instead of full-time like summer.

well, I don´t make enough money, therefore even 55% of my income, which is nothing.

fortunately I have a lot of connection in my town, everybody knows me and at least like me somehow, easily find a cash job in a local family restaurant, making way more than my formal job. especially tips, no idea how comes me, a young Asian can ended up making more than white chicks.

maybe because I often call fat lady" oh my god, you lost weight!!!"
call young chicks :" you are so hot!!!"
you know, kiss ass.

you know what? do I scare I am violate cic rules, well, fxxx shit!
i have to live right? I am not a terrorist, neither have weapons of massive destruction, I don´t sell weed or crack like some local white people. I work hard, I just simply don´t give a damn!
If I don´t work, my girlfriend´s daughter simply has no money to eat.
Her ex-boyfriend, a lazy white guy only knows smoking weed, never pay a penny child support. It´s me to prevent one more family falling into wealfare in my town.

If I can find a job, I have rights to work!!!!

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good for you. keep up the good work.
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