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Subject: Visitor
My application still in process. I am here as student in USA. I would like to go to canada. what do you think about getting a visitor visa.

Apply May?04
AOR June?04
IA March?05
MED April?05
Doc May?05
Order CAIPS June?05
PPR Still waiting

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you can try. My guess is that they will tell you to wait for your PR if you have no very compelling reasons to return to the US.
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I applied over mail and got my tourist visa in a week. I´m a student in the US as well and was in Canada for about two weeks this summer. I´m already back now.

However, as Sharon points out yes you must be careful in prepration of application - include all documents asked and provide a very specific reason of visit. Make no two assumptions, if your application is not complete or the immigration officer feels your reason of travel is not valid enough your application can be returned or even be rejected.

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according to guys talked about. that means it´s not safe to go to canada as a touris while the applications is pending.
do you think it´s going to effect my PR pending if I get refuse visitor visa?

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No , it won?t affect it.

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We have quite simillar situaion. I did my medical and document in May. Still waiting.

Do you have any idea about validity of FBI fingerprint?
I sent one FBI fingerprint when I applied in July 2004.

Now one year passed, do we need send one more FBI fingerprint in case CIC requests again while waiting for PP ?


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did you send your FBI on July 04?? did they ask??
well, I sent FBI card to buffalo on May´05, That´s what when they asked.
you can´t validate the certify, you need to reapply and pay 18 bucks again.


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