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Subject: Guidance needed.
  In November i applied for a visitor visa to see my girlfriedna t that time, we are now married. ANyway, i sent in a letter also as supporting docs from university that i was still atending there and iw as in 4th year and expecting to be finish in May 05. The thing is i never was in 4 th year, i dropped out in the 2nd year but the Dean did not bother to check as i frequent the place in my previous 2 years so she must have figured i still going for the degree.Anyway I got denied.
Now my spouse is spnsrng me and for ´´aaocunt what u being doingin past 10 years part´´ i dont know what to put, 2years of the univeristy or 4 years as completed cause my visiotr visa doc said i wa sin 4 th year. Thing is if i put 4 years, and i get called for interview i might have to show degree right?? . what do i do folks, 2 years or 4 years and hope no interview?? or does the visa section communicaite witht he PR department??


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You don´t mention the reason you were denied a visitor visa. Part of the questions on the application asks if you have ever been denied entry to Canada. You will have to explain that.

Do not lie about your education. That alone will make you inadmissible, then you´ll be in a real pickle. It´s not worth it.

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I just got a letter which says i says a list of things, like a CIC textbook response, i did not show that i have enoguth ties, and i cant even remmeber, but they list a few se of reasonss that seem bogus and i also went to NY in demecer ot get one, the lady told me i did not have any ties like house or car in my country and i did not have family over in Canada. so denied.
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