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Subject: LA Interview
I have an interview scheduled for December last week in LA. Can any one of you tell me what and how do i prepare for the interview. The documents that i need to take, preparation that i need to make, any kind of help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Read this site.

What´s your time-line?

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Thanks for the reply. My time line is as follows

Applied Jan 2004
Initial Assessment Sep 2004
Interview Letter received Aug 2005
Interview Scheduled in LA Dec 2005

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here´s another good site for interview preparation and some tips...goodluck

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Thanks Joe. I appreciate it.
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Here is another website.

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One more thing if you have not ordered CAIPS notes as yet then it will be a good idea to do that now.

From the notes you can come to know why you have been called for the interview so that you can prepare accordingly. Visit or for more information about how you can order your CAIPS notes.

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Thanks Kenny i appreciate your help. I am going to order the caips notes now.

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