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Subject: Quota for immigration
  In Aug 20 i got a letter to submit my passport for visa. I sent my passport. But today i received a letter as " though we requested you to submit your passport but now we are unable to issue you visa because this office has met its Yearly Quota. But we instruct you in december 2005 to submit your passport again for issuance visa in earlier 2006. Your visa expiry is that of your medical certificate" etc. Now i donnt understand what is happening. Will i get visa. I am from bangladesh, my visa processing office is singapore
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Which category are you applying for?
SW or Family member?

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Hi Aluk, In this forum also, I have read 2 posts with exactly the same case as you have. Just look at it at the brighter side....at least you are sure of the visa...it is just a matter of when and I am fairly sure it will be early next year....have faith...before you know it, it´s 2006 and your passport will be with a visa.... =)
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keep in mind the 1 year date of your medicals. that is the date CIC is saying you will have to land in Canada once your get your passport in January.
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you will get the visa my friend ...dont worry.
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So the fact that there is a quota is established.

Some posts back we were debating if there is a quota. Do you think Buffalo is delibrately delaying application on grounds of BG checks?

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Aluk, you must be from SW category. Congrats for your success.
Yes, there is quota and its for SW, business and parents category.

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Can you post your timeline?
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