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Subject: validity of US degree
i have filed for immigration and i would appreciate if you guys could let me know about the validity of a US masters degree in canada.



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What do you mean validity of a Master´s degree....

I expect your degree is with you until you´s something that you have earned!

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Because the educational systems in Canada and US are VERY similar, I think your masters degree will be valide in Canada.
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what i meant was as canada does not recognize degrees that is non-canadian (eventhough they let ppl immigrate with masters degree from other countries), in that case will i be able to compete in the job market without having to go back to school in canada.

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I think for the most part Canada recognizes US degrees; however, there are of course certain occupations which require you to meet specific Canadian requirements and certificates such as engineering, teaching, and anything in the medical field. For more general degrees, though, it is my understanding that US degrees are considered valid by the majority of Canadian companies. Best of luck!
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Your degree will always be "valid". Really, I think it is a huge generalization to say that "Canada" won´t accept your degree. I know that in some regulated occupations like engineering or medicine, credentials don´t transfer right over and the majority of companies won´t hire those who don´t belong to the specific regulating bodies like APEGGA, etc. However, if you have a bachelor of science or a master´s degree in something - you should try approaching the smaller companies directly. I know that I hire people myself and I don´t specifically set out to look for "Canadian experience". English communication skills are a must and a professional (according to Canadian norms) demeanor is essential. After all, the person being hired is representing the company. I can tell you now that there is no "rule" out there that asks for Canadian experience in non-regulated occupations. No HR department that I know of specifically sets out and says that applicants must have Canadian experience or Canadian degrees.

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