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Subject: detention hearing part 2
  Hi ! my husband is gonna have a detention hearing tomorrow morning, when he got arrested and brought to the immigration jail they told me that because his prra application was refused that he won´t be eligible to release with bond. why? and how to argue ?

Because the consultant that was taking care of him back when he applied for the prra got a heart attack and we never could know after that if he really ask the extension because he was suffering of memory loss (he is also very old)

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why hire such a consultant?
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It was four years ago and he is a ex-consul of Liban. He seemed totally trustable at the time, and knew a great deal of contacts in immigration... And very good at reassuring people.I know now that it was a mistake but everybody is human and if you can help well great. But I don´t have to much time to explain myself right now you know...
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Szandra, you´re such a loser.
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