10 tips for new arrivals (low on cash)

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Subject: 10 tips for new arrivals (low on cash)
  Tips for those that are tight on money when they arrive.

Tip #1 - Garage sales, not only can you find the necessities but sometimes you actually find something good. (good way to get your first couch, pots, pans, etc)

Tip #2 - Value village/salvation army, if you?re from a tropical country get your first winters clothing from the second hand bins, you may not be trendy but you?ll be warm. With the exception of underwear you can find all you need at cheap prices.

Tip #3 - Buy in bulk when things are on sale and save. Scour the flyers weekly (but be careful not to spend more on fuel driving around for savings than what you would save.)

Tip #4 - Swallow your pride, there is work. There are many entry level menial labour jobs available, take one. Make some friends, get some contacts, don?t be shy. After you know some people and are more familiar with local customs and such you?ll have a much easier time finding a better job. Just because you get a job doesn´t mean you stop looking.

Tip #5 - Necessities over niceties, if you don?t need it don?t buy it. If you have a stove don?t buy a microwave! Get a library card and read books you don?t need cable, you may even learn something that will help you get a better job.

Tip #6 - Eat healthy, it actually costs less to eat heathy food. This goes back to tip #5 also, you don?t need that bottle of coke or that chocolate. Don?t adopt the western eating habits! They WILL make you fat.

Tip #7 - Buy a second hand car, not only is the initial price lower but insurance is usually lower also. Just be sure to have it inspected by a mechanic before you buy it. Fuel is expensive, try to get something that fit?s your needs and still gets good mileage.

Tip #8 - Make friends, not just with other immigrants, you need to make contacts to get ahead in life. join a softball or socker(football) league. The more you get out of your circle of contacts the more opportunities you?ll find.

Tip #9 - Housing, rent something cheap and save to buy a place of your own. Even better live with family until you can buy something. Help them pay their mortgage faster then have them help you when you move out. You?ll save hundreds of thousands in interest payments

Tip # 10 - Be happy, you made it to canada, the hard part is over. Nothing comes easy but you can accomplish anything if you try hard enough, keep a positive attitude and never give up!

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good advice. are you from a tropical country or something?? i am. for me personally, i agree with most things except second hand clothing. i just can´t do it.

i also agree with making canadian friends as that would give you an opportunity to make more contacts than if you limit yourself to those programs involving new immigrant or whatever.

as far as the "menial jobs" go, you do what you have to do but you have to be careful to not fall into the trap of having it occupy your time so that you can no longer look for the job you want.

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Great advice! Both for new immigrants and for people struggling to get ahead. Thanks for your comments.
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Addition to tip 2: I would add Goodwill. Goodwill also receive donation from manufacturers clearance, therefore brand new clothes. I purchase my bedroom furniture at Goodwill; it was better quality than buying the particle board furniture in the store. Not only do you get a great value at Goodwill but the money you spend also goes back into the community through community resources centers.

At the community resources center you have internet access, job search workshops, skills training and assessment, and they will help you to produce an effective resume.

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another advise, stay current!
read papers, watch news.

hang out, get out of your "house arrest" and meet people.

Well,if you have passion, I believe no matter what you can success.

All we need is passion, like Terry Fox

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1)stores like Zellers, Old Navy and Sears are reasonably priced places for new clothing. They won´t be designer labels but you won´t pay designer label prices.

2) if you have a religious faith, get plugged in to a church/mosque/temple as soon as possible. No doubt there will be lots of people to offer emotional support, a helping hand, and some good contacts.

3) Mennonite Central Committee is also great source of used cothing and furniture. Started by a group of immigrants in the 50´s they now sell used items and use the funds to offer famine and disaster relief around the world. All the staff are volunteers.

4)introduce yourselves to your neighbours. Look for families with children. Tell them your new, perhaps a little about your family and where you are from. Ask if they would mind answering your questions from time to time. You will find (particularly in smaller communities) that a smile, a willingness to learn and be helped is all you need.

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passion is the most important thing, I often think apply job just like date chicks. You know what? When I was in college, I am an Asin, I never date any white chicks before.I just told myself, keep trying, don´t give up, hit any chicks I met.

same as applying job, tell everybody, keep trying, what else i will lose beside got refuse.

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Donot forget to keep buying the lottery tickets!!
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