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Subject: Detroit Interview - update

I had my interview last week and am very happy to inform y´all that it went very well. My application is approved. Unfortunately, my medicals results have not yet reached CIC; so I couldnot get the VISA stamped. I had done my nedicals almost two months before the interview, but seems like it takes 8-10 weeks for the results to be updated.

Now I have to keep checking the website (Cases ready for VISA issuance) and once I see my file #, I can send the passport (or go in person) and have the VISA stamped. I would advise those waiting for the interview to do the medicals as soon as you get the interview date. If you can predict the approx date, I would suggest that you do the medicals atleast three months before the interview date.

Here are a few tips for the interview, and answers to some questions I had myself.

1. Where do I leave my children below 18?
There is a child care center in the same building as the consulate (Rainbow child care center). You need to bring the child´s immunization record and birth certificate( which you will need for the nterview, any way). They charge you $50 for a day.

2. Is IELTS necessary ?
From my experience, No. I gave a written note about my education and work experience in English, and attached necessary documents. That was sufficient. Having said that, I must also add that I have spent quite some time and effort working on my language skills - especially spoken English - by recording and reviewing the way I would speak in meetings, over phone etc. I guess all that effort paid off :-)

3. What documents are required ?
ALL the documents they ask for and more! This is your one chance to prove your credentials beyond any doubt. So have all the originals and organize them in a way that is easy for the officer to verify. They want the doeumnets taken out of any envelopes or covers.

4. How long did the interview go and what did they ask ?
Mine lasted 15-20 minutes. You will be asked to hand over all the documents and passports. I was called in amlost an hour after I gave the documents. The questions were primarily around my job - to assess if I would fit in to the Canadian system. If you can prove that you have the sufficient skills, I see no reason why you will be denied.



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what was your job?? what type of job related questions did they ask??
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come on dude.. spell out the specific questions you were asked
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I work as an IT consultant in US

Some of the specific quetsions were:
What kind of work do you do ? Describe the current project you are working on.
How long have you been with your present employer?
What projects have you worked on before the current one?


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Congratulations KG and thanks for sharing your interview experience with us.

Did the immigration officer tell you that your background and security checks were done? I am asking because you said that you would have got the visa if the medical results were available.

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Thanks, Kenny.

She didnot mention anything about background checks (and I forgot to ask explicitly about that). She did mention that if the medicals had been updated, I could have got the VISA stamped on the same day. So I am inclined to believe that there are no more BG checks.

BTW, the only country I have been to (besides my native country) is US, and I had obtained my FBI clearance.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it was my understanding that BG check is done by RCMP, only for people who have been in Canada. If that is true, it would explain why I donot need to have one.


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Hi KG,

I believe that your background and security checks are finished.

Every applicant has to go through these checks.

1. Background check - verification of your claims, education and experience credentials done by visa post processing your application with cooperation of visa posts in countries your credentials were earned.

2. Security check - done outside of and independently from immigration by Canadian intelligence and security agencies. This task will look deep into your life to find out if you are or ever were involved (or are or been associated with someone who is or was involved) in terrorism, espionage, organized crime, war crimes, crimes against humanity, radical movements, working for government abusing human rights, etc., to see if you are a security risk or otherwise inadmissible to Canada. Depending from your background, nationality, countries you resided in, associations, activities, etc. this task may take anywhere from several months to well over a year to complete.

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Thanks KG. Congrats! I have a few questions.

Did you take new PCCs to the interview? Most of us who sent original PCCs from native country with initial application have outdated PCCs by now. what would you suggest? We have not left USA since then.

Is Rainbow child care a good place to leave a 2 year old?
Do you have their number?

Will the last bank statement with sufficent funds be sufficent for proof of assets?

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Do they interview only the principal applicant or dependent (spouse) as well?
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I took new PCCs from native country. Didnot want to leave that to chance. I woulod suggest that you have another PCC if that is not too much trouble.

I believe Rainbow child development center take 2-years olds also. You can call them up and confirm. 313-393-8940

I had the last three bank statements. Again didnot want to leave that to chance:-)

In my case, there were no questions for my spouse.


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