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Subject: Bank statement as proof of funds
  I have been operating a checking account with one of the branches of the Bank of America in California. I have the required amount in this account. I intend to obtain a bank statement from this bank to prove I have the requisite amount to support my family. I will like hearing from the forum whether the Canadian Immigration Authorities/Officers will accept this at the Port of Entry. Any suggestion and information on this is welcomed.
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when you land, they want you to bring your money with you. the idea is that you arrive with enough cash to get yourself established.
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That is not entirely correct.

You can bring "some" liquid form of money - i.e. cash, TC (maybe about C$1500 - 2000).

Rest can stay in bank in US with a statement at hand and checkbook and credit cards. BOA account statement is as good as cash.

No one, but no one in their right mind shall hand carry C$10,000 cash in their pocket.. I can understand about dude coming from IIIrd world. However, from US it does not make sense. Major banks in the US operate electronic transfers easily and cheap.

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Does it mean the amount funds we bring to Canada has to be the same amount stated on Bank Statement?
What is the savest and easiest way to bring? Traveler´s cheque or any other kind?
If we have family friend living in Canada, can we wire the money before we land to avoid lost or any unexpected things happen, and we will show the immigration officer the proof of money transfer. Thanks guys.

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looks like ***** knew my questions & posted the aswer at the same time!! what a coinsident!~ thx.

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