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Subject: CAIPS help---(esp: Boss)
  hi guys,

Could somebody tell me what you mean by BFD and is it through CAIPS that we know that?

Boss or anybody who could help me:
My timeline is
July ´04 AOR
Apr ´05 IA
Medicals reached Ottawa June ´05
PP request----Waiting

1) Could you plz tell me when I can request for CAIPS?

2) Can I request the CAIPS now itself and get ready and apply later?

3) Is there a limit for CAIPS?

4) Which is the website for CAIPS? for In-Canada applicants please.

Thanks for your patience.

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1. The best to ask for caips is after 2 months after medicals
2.yes u can apply anytime, get ready anytime, and apply anytime
3. NO
4. ----------hassle free
BFD Bring forward date if there is no activity or updates on your file.

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Thanks a lot Issabella. Appreciate that.
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hi mountains:
I think you need to pay 30 dollars if you apply from
Check out this link and download the forms, send your study permit, covering letter, phone bill ( proof of address) and mail it to ottawa address. Its free and nothing to pay. You can apply now or wait for one more month before applying.I waited for 4 months nearly because i wanted to make sure my RCMP results would have also reached them , so that i see it in CAIPS. Hope this info helps. Here is the link..

Capis notes decoded: (in reply to: CAIPS help---(esp: Boss))
I have this 2 lines in my caips not but I´m not sure what their saying can someone help my please my e-mail address is
here they are
EED X 1.
Thank You

A Pinto
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