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Subject: Experiece Letter Concern

I am about to apply for Canadian Immigration and right now I am preparing all the necessary documents.

One of my previous employers are only ready to give me an experience letter with the duration and the last title. They said that mentioning roles and responsibilities is deviation from the company policy. Though they have agreed to provide the roles and responsibilities on a separate sheet of paper but won´t stamp it or sign it.

Going by your personal experience do you think that will work or I am in fix?

Thanks in advance
Mohit Garg

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get employer to write a letter to explain all that to the high commission and then submit it. provide contracts and a payslips etc as normal
karen wild
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Thanks Karen, That sounds like an option.

Anybody else has anything to add.

Mohit Garg

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Since I worked in a university before, requesting a reference letter from my Institute´s director wasn´t that formal. I just drafted my own letter (so that I´m sure it contains all of the required information) and then e-mailed it to her so that she can revise anything she wants. It worked fine. It was much easier than asking a reference letter the usual route - through the Human Resources Department. HR-issued letters are, by policy, not that detailed.
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Hi Maru,

Thanks for taking out time to reply. Quick question, on what letter head did you print the letter and who stamped and signed it for you?

Mohit Garg

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