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Subject: crossing from US
  When somebody is entering Canada for the first time by land from US, do you only deal with Canadian immigration or do you have to deal with US immigration as well? In other words, if that person has been illegal for some time in US and upon getting PR enters Canada through one of the border entries, will he be sked about his status in US or do they just care about him having a visa to enter Canada?
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I´m not sure about Air Ports now, for sure by road you gonna meat direct to canadian officials. Moreover, I´m in same position though, I´m planning to go by next month.
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Yes, please post your exeperience when you go, and anyone who has already experienced this (expired visa in US, crossing to Candada), it would be great if you would let us know what happened.

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I drove to Ottawa via the NY 1000 Islands border crossing. You cannot stop at the US border post while departing the US, you will be stopped only on the canadian side.. The road is such that you enter the canadian border post while entering canada and the US post when entering US. Since you are leaving, the US dosent care.. Moreover the I -94 card on the back clearly says that submit this card to canadian officials...

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I crossed the border by foot at Niagara Falls from the USA to Canada. I can tell you that you will only deal with the Canadian border services agency. In addittion, they tend to be more friendly and helpful than their American counterparts, however they may ask more questions of you than the U.S.A. will.
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