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Subject: 62 Points ~ English Language Proficiency
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Application rejected.


Thank you very much for the suggestion. I would say it is my bad luck that i got only 6.5 overall in IELTS as i know i am very good in English and if i prepare a little bit i can get good score.
My English score were as below
The only reason i am applying for Canada is my spouse is from a different country then me and we both want to live together forever in a common country and i thought Canada would be the best.

I want to know if i reappear IELTS and get good score can i send that score with the rejected letter is there any scope that CIC will reconsider?

This question is to all the friends who are in this forum.


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Its very unlikely, they would consider back your case unless you reapply back. Lets say A and B are two brothers and they applied for Immigration, A have got his immigration and B case was been denied for 5 points shortage. Do you think B could clame for 5 points(Adaptability), as A is permanent resident now? Answer is No. Thats my perspnal opinion, do not take my words as granted.
Still you could get contact with CIC that, It´s shows your IELTS score is close to 7. Probably, you will get some chance here. Moreover, I would suggest you to contact with CIC before you reappear for Test.
Good Luck.


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Bill best thing for you is to reapply altogether again..with your new IELTS results and also claim points in the new app for spouse as well..but to apply for a brand new PR all over again..you got to get all your documentation to be current and latest and dated newly and also make sure you have everything this time..including all police clearances, etc...etc..Just reapply all over again with a brand new IELTS good score fo 16 points..
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